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Some things to keep in mind...

Marketing is the immediate “push” while branding is the long-term “pull.” Marketing turns a candidate into a customer; branding turns a customer into a champion.

A brand’s #1 job is to get and keep attention. That’s only possible with consistency…sticking to the plan day-in and day-out and not sacrificing integrity.

A great brand supports a great product. Tricking a candidate by wrapping a great brand around a crappy product is unethical. A great product does what it claims.


“Thank you for your follow up email and the package. I have to say I am extremely impressed with your presentation and marketing materials. I would like to see if you would be open to an exclusive distributorship.”

Kelly Wels, President of Green Team Distribution


“Aisha. AISHA. I just HOLLERED, okay? Flawless execution. Not like I expected anything less – as I said in our call- you’re a rare sort of talent. That said, this [branding] is clever, witty, and right on target.”

– Nicole Walters, Creator of 1K1Day